Kendall and I in Kyoto
September 2011

Our Story


My name is Elyse and my husband is named Kendall.  We are engineers.


Kendall and I love to work together in the kitchen.  We have so many fun memories of preparing meals together.  We both tend to cook by looking at a recipe, gathering some inspiration from it, and then basically changing it completely.  We've spent a lot of time honing our creativity by modifying recipes, but after some time it struck us that we're pretty good at making up our own original creations as well!  At this point, we started writing down our recipes.


We started this blog in case we never get around to writing a book with all of these recipes (I dream of a day that I can find a way to generate income through one of my creative hobbies...sigh...maybe someday!).  We started compiling recipes in May 2013 with the intention of writing a book with them.  Ultimately, this is our goal, however, in the meantime we found that many of the challenges we've faced while converting to a vegan kitchen over the years would be useful stories to share.


We love making our own recipes through inspiration from restaurants we love, crazy and exotic vegetables we get from our CSA, and the best of our local/seasonal produce.  We've harnessed this inspiration to bring you healthy and locally "grown" recipes and ideas that you can share with your family and friends.


This blog features pictures by Kendall Mills Photography ( and writing/recipe development by Elyse unless otherwise noted.


Some things you'll notice a lot of as you peruse the blog include:


-raw/no cook foods (particularly desserts as these are my recent obsession)


-lots of green!  CSA inspired meals call for lots of luscious, green veggies and salads


-pickling! We love quick pickles and have recently been experimenting with water bath canning.  Pickling has a wonderful way of turning ho-hum veggies and roots into exceptional snacks and salad toppers


-berries, peaches, pomegranates, lemons, watermelon, basil, fava beans, garlic, heirloom tomatoes, pecans, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, beets, summer squash, carrots....well I could list all day, but basically, you'll see some of my favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts/seeds!


-links and references to websites, books, authors, and notable foodies





Oh yeah - you may want to know what on Earth is with the word "peripeteia" (that's where the myvegan"p" comes from for those new to this site and those who didn't follow me on blogspot).  A little under two years ago, Kendall thought it would be neat to start a blog.  We kind of gave up on the idea for a while, but in process, we came up with a name for my future blog.


The last day that I ate meat was the day before we put a family cat to sleep due to health problems.  For about two years before that, I had dabbled in living a vegetarian life at home and then dined "anything goes" when we ate out.  My motivation for being vegetarian was for health reasons rather than ethical during that time, so I would gladly choose seared duck breast and rare steak when out to eat as a splurge from my "healthy diet".  Anyway, at the same time our dear cat Bruiser was ill, I was reading the book Eating Animals.  I found that the hypocrisy of my loving my late pet and crying uncontrollably due to his passing while at the same time eating those cute little farm animals near our home did not add up.  I always heard vegetarians go on and on about how it didn't make sense, however, I never felt that it mattered until the day we sent our poor Bruiser to kitty heaven.


If you ever get a chance to read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer you too may feel the same.  Since all of this related to a change in my life habits, it brought me to the word peripeteia when brainstorming names for the blog.  According to good ole' Wikipedia, Aristotle defines it as "a change by which the action veers round to its opposite...".  Our friend Webster agrees, calling a peripeteia: a sudden or unexpected reversal of circumstances.  The day I decided to never consume meat again was "my vegan peripeteia."




I'm happy to answer any questions you may have or to hear any comments or suggestions!  Feel free to e-mail me at

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