February 7, 2016


Happy Valentine's Day - Some Updates & Announcements!


I can't believe it's 2016...and over 1 month in!  I'm  still here and haven't forgotten about My Vegan P.  Life has been chaotic and I've neglected to update this site.  Thank you to all of you who have stuck with the blog and returned to check in despite my negligence!


I'm excited to announce that I'm committing myself to post new recipes at least once per month.  In addition to that, I'm expanding the content of the blog to include lifestyle posts, vegan transition tips and information, beauty reviews, and more about my life in the country with my hubby and two kitties.  That's right, TWO!


While I've been away from the website, Kendall and I adopted our adorable little munchkin, Toby from a  local rescue group.  He's full of energy, spunk, and has developed a  love-mostly-hate relationship with our dear Luna.

We adopted Toby in early September; he's a little love-bug who has taken a liking to rubbing the head of anybody nearby while they sit on the couch.  He also has taken a liking to antagonizing Luna.  They chase one another through the house, pinning each other down  as tufts of fur fly about.  Kendall and I try to intervene whenever we can, but who knows what goes on when we aren't around.  Actually, let me retract that....Kendall has spent a few hours taping their shenanigans with a Go Pro.  They mostly sleep.  Even in time lapse, videos of them  are pretty uneventful.  Anyway, we are loving life with our two little beans!

Aside from the new addition to our little family, we've been busy trying to stay active and healthy  as the months have passed.  Kendall has taken a liking to bicycling outdoors in the warmer months and indoors on a trainer that allows him to ride stationary in the Winter.  I have been busy rotating between yoga, PiYo, TurboFire, and Insanity workouts.  Together, we have been enjoying this unusually warm  Winter doing many day hikes.  We've also done plenty of cooking, although I have not documented our kitchen adventures nearly enough!


Other than that, life has been full of work by day and trying to relax and refresh by night!  I am  so excited to post some of the pictures from the last few months and report that you can expect more from  My Vegan P from now on!


Lots of love to you all and Happy Valentine's Day!

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